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January 13, 2020

Accounting Exam: Atkins Corporation cash flow

Accounting Exam Atkins Corporation has provided the following information for the year ended December 31. • The equipment account balance increased 207,000. • The equipment accumulated […]
January 12, 2020

Feminism and/or Feminist definitions or values

1) BEFORE doing any of this week’s readings or watching the video list 5 words that come to mind when you hear the term Feminism and/or Feminist. These could […]
January 12, 2020

just vs unjust laws distinction: Martin Luther King Jr

Q1. Look back over Schuler’s essay “Love of the Person.” Given what she says there, and what we have discussed so far, what is the purpose […]
January 12, 2020

Ethical Organizational Culture 660 Wk2 Db2

660 Wk2 Db2 Ethical Organizational Culture What is the relationship between a leader’s responsibility for ethical behavior and the idea of an ethical organizational culture? Research a […]
January 12, 2020

Ethical Leadership 660 Wk2 Db1

660 Wk2 Db1 Ethical Leadership Companies have become increasingly aware of the advantages that being ethically conscious have to offer, especially in the global economy. Using […]
January 12, 2020

Leadership Competency Models 660 Wk1 Asg1

660 Wk1 Asg1 Leadership Competency Models A competency model is a set of knowledge, skills, behaviors, or attributes, which defines what is needed by a person […]
January 12, 2020

potential gap in the literature from your ongoing reading

Consider a potential gap in the literature that is emerging from your ongoing reading in your field of interest including no less than five specific research […]
January 12, 2020

Leading Teams: group vs team 660 Wk4 Db2 

660 Wk4 Db2 Leading Teams Those leaders who have the greatest impact are those who can influence a group or team.  Briefly discuss the difference between […]
January 12, 2020

Perceptions of Leadership 660 Wk4 Db1

660 Wk4 Db1 Perceptions of Leadership The research and practice of leadership focuses on the leader while the role of the follower is often neglected. Using […]
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