The strategic planning process paper

Write a first draft of no more than 1,050 words of the Planning Phase Draft of your Strategic Plan. (this class is dealing with the energy sector) Identify components of the strategic planning process. Perform a scan of the internal and external environments for your approved energy sector company. Summarize the results of the scan, including the critical… Continue reading The strategic planning process paper


Large number of firms in perfect competition

1.         There are a large number of firms in perfect competition.  What is the significance of that?   a.         Each firm has great deal of discretion in setting prices.   b.         Whether there are 100 or 101 firms in the industry, the market price will be the same.   c.         That automatically makes goods the same (homogenous).   d.         That makes… Continue reading Large number of firms in perfect competition

Bribery in India foreign business

600 words. APA format. No plagiarism. 24 hours.   Review the following articles:   Kestenbaum, D. (2010, April 22). Bribery in India: A good thing? Retrieved from the NPR Web site:   Markowitz, E. (2012, April 27). The truth about bribery and doing foreign business. Retrieved from the Inc. Web site: 


Manufacturing companies overseas.

Deliverable Length:  Primary Task: 600–800 words; Secondary Task: 150–200 words     Primary Task Response: Respond to the following scenario with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas. Additional Information: AutoEdge is considering an expansion project to… Continue reading Manufacturing companies overseas.


Large manufacturer of injection

Chapter 12, problems 12.1 L. Houts Plastics is a large manufacturer of injection-molded plastics in North Carolina. An investigation of the company’s manufacturing facility in Charlotte yields the information presented in the table below. How would the plant classify these items according to an ABC classification system? L. Houts Plastics Charlotte Inventory Levels Item Code… Continue reading Large manufacturer of injection