Common Law Tradition real-world court

Write a 2–page executive briefing of a selected business-related case that has been decided by a state court, a federal court, or the United States Supreme Court. In this introductory course to business law, you will examine real-world court decisions pertinent to the topics that you will be studying. This is not a course designed… Continue reading Common Law Tradition real-world court


Estimated foreign currency revenues

See pictures for data in the attachment Whaler Publishing Company specializes in producing textbooks in the United States and marketing these books in foreign universities where the English language is used. Its sales are invoiced in the currency of the country where the textbooks are sold. The expected revenues from textbooks sold to university bookstores… Continue reading Estimated foreign currency revenues


Milton Company accounting cycle

ACCOUNTING CYCLE PROBLEM CORPORATION Directions Complete the entire accounting cycle for Milton Company. The nine steps are listed below.  Steps 1-3 take place daily. These three steps should be repeated, in order, each time a transaction takes place during the period.  Steps 4-9 take place at the end of the period. These steps should be completed,… Continue reading Milton Company accounting cycle


Trend in Total Fixed Expense

2   Senior Capstone – Motomart 500896   Criteria Grade Content 80 pts   ■ Step 1 – Provides comments on 5 year income statement (worth 10 points) 8 points ■ Step 2 – Discuss patterns in expense items (worth 10 points) 0 points ■ Step 3 – Identify high and low activity levels (worth 10 points) 10… Continue reading Trend in Total Fixed Expense


Professional & Ethical Judgement

Read the article in the following link: In at least 200 words, please comment about this article as it relates to the topic of “Professional & Ethical Judgement”.  What are some of the key takeaways for new accountants. Please provide at least one reference to another source Get Professional Assignment Help Cheaply Are you… Continue reading Professional & Ethical Judgement

Variables in quantitative analysis

Write a brief paper in APA format of 500–1,000 words that responds to the following questions. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas. Properly classifying the variables that are part of a study is essential to a correct analysis in SPSS. SPSS classifies variables as nominal, ordinal, or scale and requires explaining any coding of your… Continue reading Variables in quantitative analysis