Personality Development in Adolescence

I will provide every note needed to do the exam You will have to read about this four topics listed below to do the exam. Physical and Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood Social and Personality Development in Middle Childhood Physical and Cognitive Development in Adolescence Social and Personality Development in Adolescence Requirements: ACE the exam… Continue reading Personality Development in Adolescence

Use of spectrophotometry to measure

This lab introduces you to the use of spectrophotometry to measure the concentration of a species in a solution using Beer’s Law. In the lab you will be determining the concentration of potassium permanganate in a solution based upon its absorption. The following video introduces the key ideas associated with the technique Requirements: As it… Continue reading Use of spectrophotometry to measure


Environmental principles of behavior

In 1957 B. F. Skinner wrote the book Verbal Behavior in which he analyzed language based on the same environmental principles of behavior that he previously used to analyze nonverbal behavior. That analysis resulted in a classification system that allows for identification of different types of language. Based on this system the elementary verbal operants… Continue reading Environmental principles of behavior


Smartphone benefits and marketplace

Choose an innovative product or service thats recently been brought to market. An innovative product is one which is newly introduced to the market or has substantially new features. Take for example the first generation iPhone released on June 29 2007. The fact that it was a mobile phone was not new but its smartphone… Continue reading Smartphone benefits and marketplace


Case behavioral ecology knowledge

I have the general knowledge of biology and this case behavioral ecology. I need someone to explain what this journal is doing the importance of it break down what they are studying explain all graphs/tables like the relevance of it what these graphs/tables are displaying. Basically simplify this entire article into easier words for me… Continue reading Case behavioral ecology knowledge