Powerpoint on Spain Presentation

Make a PowerPoint on Spain, which consists of 7 slides. The slides should be divided and focused on the following topics: -1 slide for the presentation. -1 slide on general information of Spain – 2 slides on the economic aspects. -1 slide on the political aspects. -1 slide on cultural aspects. -1 slide for references.… Continue reading Powerpoint on Spain Presentation


Thomas Nagel Moral Luck Essay

Consider Thomas Nagel’s article, “Moral Luck”. State the Control Principle. State the conditions for moral luck and how moral luck results from the Control Principle. Describe Nagel’s four kinds of moral luck. Give examples for how each of these would violate the Control Principle. When viewing Nagel’s position as a response to Kantian ethics, what… Continue reading Thomas Nagel Moral Luck Essay


D’Holbach Determinist Term Paper

We continue our topic of free will – now looking at another approach. We saw that according to Determinists like D’Holbach, we really do not have free will, there are only a physical, causal chains of events, and our actions are included in those: therefore free will is an illusion. Now we will address the… Continue reading D’Holbach Determinist Term Paper


Entrepreneurial incentives and Contestable markets

Home>Business & Finance homework help>Economics homework help fast Part A: Is your college bookstore a monopoly? Is there only one store on your college campus allowed to sell textbooks? Are there economic costs to this monopoly power? Are there economic benefits to this monopoly power? Assess the market for textbooks on your campus using the… Continue reading Entrepreneurial incentives and Contestable markets

Intergovernmental Relations and Federalism

Be sure to answer the questions posed with reference to what you have read/learned in the course.  Refer to the Essay – Final Exam Rubric for grading criteria.  Correct English Grammar and professional writing are expected and will be included in the grading evaluation.   Read the attached Rolling Stones article dealing with the legalization of marijuana. Using… Continue reading Intergovernmental Relations and Federalism


Government failure caused the Great Recession

Discussion Question, complete the following. 1.  Read the attached opinion piece where the author indicates that government failure caused the Great Recession of 2009. 2. Locate two JOURNAL articles which discuss this topic further. You need to focus on the Abstract, Introduction, Results, and Conclusion. For our purposes, you are not expected to fully understand the… Continue reading Government failure caused the Great Recession