Employee Rewards And Recognition

As an HR manager in a large health care organization, you have developed a new reward and recognition program designed to help increase employee motivation and job satisfaction in a specific hospital department of your choice. You may choose either a clinical or non-clinical department. Instructions Based on the course readings and a minimum of… Continue reading Employee Rewards And Recognition


Motivational And Theories

Select two motivational theories as they apply to health care. Then, assess the impact of the chosen theories on related health care human resources issues. Get Professional Assignment Help Cheaply Are you busy and do not have time to handle your assignment? Are you scared that your paper will not make the grade? Do you… Continue reading Motivational And Theories


Challenges and tradeoffs assignment

Discussion One: a) Discuss the benefits, challenges and tradeoffs of pay-for-performance, or merit pay. How would a pay-for-performance policy support the organization’s strategic goals? What factors should be considered in evaluating the effectiveness of this practice? b) Select three methods for conducting an evaluation of an employee’s performance and discuss the advantages and disadvantages for each… Continue reading Challenges and tradeoffs assignment


Compensation packages for employees

Congratulations! You have recently been promoted and are the company’s new Human Resources Manager! You have offices in several countries, so how would you evaluate different compensation packages for employees who are located throughout the world? Your discussion is to be submitted in 300 Words Times New Roman font using APA format with a minimum… Continue reading Compensation packages for employees


Key performance indicators

 What are some key performance indicators that are used by organizations in which you have been employed? How did managers explain the importance of these KPIs, and were any rewards tied to them? Your discussion is to be submitted in 250 Words Times New Roman font using APA format with a minimum of two sources.… Continue reading Key performance indicators


Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment 

Unit III Journal Instructions Discuss the Hardison case outlined in the textbook, pp. 211-213, and include whether you agree or disgree with the court’s ruling in this case. Describe reasonable accommodations. Support your decision, and discuss the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines. Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.… Continue reading Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassment 

Union Representation Memo

Assignment must be written to the rubric that is attached. You have recently joined an organization in an entry level HR position. The organization is now subject to union representation. You have been asked by your supervisor to write a brief memo for your HR colleagues that provides an overview of the expectations for managing… Continue reading Union Representation Memo