Goodwill Impairment Case study

Assume that you are Tracy Roberts and you are preparing two reports to Morgan Mickelson or Household Goods, Inc. You should answer the following questions. In one report, you assume that Morgan Mickelson is a CPA and will understand citations to the Accounting Standards Codification (ASC). In this first report, you should use appropriate citations… Continue reading Goodwill Impairment Case study


Discussion on corporation own stock

DISTRIBUTIONS of a CORPORATION’S OWN STOCK and STOCK RIGHTS 7A Nontaxable Stock Distributions; Preferred Stock Bailouts GENERAL COMMENTS: This lesson attempts to combine § 305(a) with § 306. Another approach is to teach § 305(b) first in its entirety, and then § 306, which can result in the hole of § 305(b) swallowing the doughnut… Continue reading Discussion on corporation own stock


Reflections on Resolving Work Conflict

Option #2: Reflections on Resolving Work Conflict For this assignment, you will identify a workplace conflict that you have researched. Address the following in a paper: Describe the organization and share its URL. Briefly describe the conflict and make sure to use at least two different sources, such as a newspaper article, a scholarly article,… Continue reading Reflections on Resolving Work Conflict


How to used organizations and in HR 

  explain the concept of the Balanced Scorecard and briefly discuss how it is used in organizations and in HR Create section headings for the key HR metrics for each of the 3 categories: Routine HR Metrics, HR Strategy Metrics, and HR Organizational Oversight Metrics. Explain the rational for including those metrics on the Balanced… Continue reading How to used organizations and in HR 


Ethical Decision Making And Hiring

Looking for someone with great quality work, who will take their time to present A++ work, no plagiarism, and correct grammar/spelling. Instructions are attached in the document. Please read instructions carefully and make sure to follow them please. Need by Sunday, October 25. Instructions: APA format Week 3 Assignment: Ethical Decision Making and Hiring MGMT314:… Continue reading Ethical Decision Making And Hiring

Critical thought and analysis

Read all information provided in this section before beginning this assignment, which accounts for 30% of your grade. You are a Consultant Recruiter with XYZ Recruitment, Inc. You have been contracted by “State University” to assist them with the recruitment and selection of a Project Associate for the university. A job description for this position is attached… Continue reading Critical thought and analysis