Core HR Functions Assignment

Week 7 Assignment – Core HR Functions Overview Hiring, compensation, and performance appraisal policies and  practices are critical HR functions and play an important part in  defining an organization as a whole. Making sound choices in these areas  builds a foundation for an organization’s success. In this assignment,  you prepare a presentation for hospital department… Continue reading Core HR Functions Assignment


Change initiative within an organization

Discuss a scholarly article that describes a successful change initiative within an organization. Next, locate and discuss a scholarly article that describes a failed change initiative within an organization. Compare and contrast the implementation theories used for the change events discussed in the two articles. Provide a summation of what could have been done to… Continue reading Change initiative within an organization


Political Risk Assessment

Select one of the following emerging countries in which you would like to operate a business: India or Brazil. Refer to the Political Risk Assessment in Chapter 6 of the textbook and use the Internet to locate sufficient data and other information to help you analyze the political risks of operating a business in your… Continue reading Political Risk Assessment


LGBT Youth and Their Families 

Exercise I: LGBT Youth and Their Families Read the following pamphlet from the director of the Family Acceptance Project on “Helping Families Support Their LGBT Children.” Based on the findings from this pamphlet as well as what you have learned from the chapter, develop a hypothetical case management plan to assist a gay teen who… Continue reading LGBT Youth and Their Families 


Global Environment Challenges

Deliverable 4 – Global Environment Challenges Competency Create solutions for organizational and leadership challenges in a global environment. Scenario You are the HR Training and Development Manager at Lots of Stuff International, a global company. The company has offices around the globe, which requires employees to work with peers in multiple countries in cross-functional and… Continue reading Global Environment Challenges


Organizational development skills

 Assignment Content Imagine a small manufacturing company that is shifting its direction in light of changes in the competitive environment in which it operates. Training will be deployed to ensure that employees have required skills that align with the new strategic direction. Change management is critical to ensure organizational alignment. However, the company has experienced two-fold resistance… Continue reading Organizational development skills



SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE: PHASES IV & V – IMPLEMENTATION AND MAINTENANCE System Development Life Cycle: Phases IV & V – Implementation and Maintenance Overview With the justification of an HRIS solidified, you need to show your client how you will implement the HRIS using one of the change models discussed in our text. You… Continue reading SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE