Cover Letter and Resume writing

Cover Letter and Resume This course has a major project assignment due in Week 5. It will take more than a week’s effort to adequately complete tit. Plan time to start the research and work on the assignment earlier than the week in which it is due. Cover Letter and Resume You want to apply for… Continue reading Cover Letter and Resume writing


Conducting thorough market research

How to Do Market Research Conducting thorough market research can help businesses grow better, but doing it right is just as important. Here’s how to do market research step-by-step. 1. Define your buyer persona. Before you dive into how customers in your industry make buying decisions, you must first understand who they are. This is the beginning of your primary… Continue reading Conducting thorough market research


Definition of market research

Smokeshop same day delivery service app   What is market research? Market research  is the process of gathering information about your business’s buyers personas, target audience, and customers to determine how viable and successful your product or service would be among these people. Market research tells you where these members of your audience and base of… Continue reading Definition of market research


Estimating an equation by OLS

1. Estimate the following equation by OLS using ordinary least squares: 01tttpq=++ββε where and . ln()ttpP= ln(Q)ttq= 2. What is your estimate of the elasticity of demand? Your estimate is positive, so it looks like something is wrong. In the following questions, we will try to figure out what is wrong. 3. First, the value… Continue reading Estimating an equation by OLS


Price and output decisions faced by firms

The following questions address some of the price and output decisions faced by firms other than those found in perfect competition. Some numbers may be rounded. Table 1-a Average Fixed cost Average Variable Cost Average Total Cost Output 0 1  $   180.00  $ 135.00  $    315.00 2  $     90.00  $ 127.50  $    217.50 3  $    … Continue reading Price and output decisions faced by firms