Project Effectiveness Assignment

You are a project manager for a large electronics retailer (e.g., Best  Buy) who will be implementing a new time-keeping system to track hourly  and salaried employees’ time and attendance. You have been asked to  develop a balance scorecard that can be used to manage the effectiveness  of this project. Select an area (e.g., financial,… Continue reading Project Effectiveness Assignment


Theoretical and conceptual framework

The Final Paper must have depth of scholarship, originality, theoretical and conceptual framework, clarity and logic in its presentation and adhere to grammar guidelines. You select either one of the emerging managed healthcare delivery models, Accountable Care Organizations or Patient-Centered Medical Homes, for your Final Paper. The 10-15 page paper (excluding title and reference pages) must follow APA… Continue reading Theoretical and conceptual framework


 Forced Ranking and Technology

Forced Ranking and Technology Preparation In this assignment, you will prepare a presentation in which you recommend a forced ranking performance evaluation system to the Director of Human Resources of the organization examined in the Coaching Model assignment. Note: You may create or make all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of these assignments. In your… Continue reading  Forced Ranking and Technology


Statistics for Health Professions

MA3010 – Statistics for Health Professions SU20 B – Section D01   MA3010 – Statistics for Health Professions Discussion 09.1: Correlation and Regression For this discussion forum, refer to the Excel file Discussion 9-1 Data Set that contains information on the following: 1.Identify the worksheet (tab) that matches the first letter of your LAST name… Continue reading Statistics for Health Professions


HR Operating Plan Assignment

specific criteria  (3-5) that could be used to assess potential opportunities that warrant change in the HR Operating Plan brought to HR by the CEO and provide rationale for your assessment criteria selection, e.g., alignment with the business direction of the organization, new legislation, etc. Get Professional Assignment Help Cheaply Are you busy and do not have… Continue reading HR Operating Plan Assignment



This week you learned about the importance of ROI in a business approach to evaluation.  Do a search for organizations that utilize ROI in their business approach. Once you have chosen the organization, analyze the use of ROI and the impact that it has within the organization. In addition, argue the continued need for ROI… Continue reading EVALUATING RESULTS AND BENEFITS

HR and Global Ethics

Question 1 HR and Global Ethics Examine two (2) of the major HR ethical issues multinational corporations face when operating globally. Recommend two (2) preventative actions that HR departments can take in order to lessen the occurrence of these ethical issues. Be sure to provide a rationale for your response. Question 2 Sum it Up… Continue reading HR and Global Ethics