Contingency Reserves Assignment

Instructions It is important to understand how contingency reserves can impact risk evaluation and cost estimation. If you were the project manager it is critical to understand how contingency reserves impact all areas of cost estimation and ultimately the project. Consider that the company has had some difficulty setting up a method for cost estimations… Continue reading Contingency Reserves Assignment


Predictive analytics assignment

5-6 pages and please check grammar carefully! Write a research paper based using predictive analytics. You should complete the following: How are predictive analytics commonly used? Give examples of companies that use predictive analytics and for what reasons. Do predictive analytics drive more informed decisions? Why or why not? Is big data driving the popularity… Continue reading Predictive analytics assignment

Impact of Covid 19 Assignment

COVID-19 has had and continues to have a significant impact on our world. Discuss how the HR (Human Resource) field has been impacted and challenges the pandemic has brought. 1) 12-point Times New Roman font using APA format. 2) Minimum of two sources with in-text citation of sources for the assignment. 3) 300 word minimum… Continue reading Impact of Covid 19 Assignment


Mission And Vision- Company Overview

Instructions Mission and Vision; Company Overview This research project connects with several others assignments to write a cumulative strategic plan throughout the course. You’ll be using the same company and iterating different research. Conduct research of a company or organization of your choosing. Use all of the tools necessary to conduct an evaluation of the vision and… Continue reading Mission And Vision- Company Overview


Company vision and mission statement

In 250 words including one reference with intext citation, what are the most important components that should be included in a vision and mission statement and how do those components relate to the firm’s strategy? Would a mission statement for a for-profit, and nonprofit organizations differ? With these in mind, review your current employer’s vision… Continue reading Company vision and mission statement


Cost Risk Analysis Assignment

instructions It is important to be able to evaluate risks. There are Cost risk analysis basics that include the Three-Point Estimate, and the Method of Moments. Also, the Monte Carlo Simulation is an important simulation that can be used to evaluate cost risk analysis techniques. For this assignment, you will be developing a PowerPoint presentation… Continue reading Cost Risk Analysis Assignment


Organizational leadership assignment

apa format 1-2 paragraphs references In this discussion, you will evaluate, differentiate, and interconnect the dynamics of power and influence of an organizational leader. In your response, consider the traits, values, ethics, and skills found in effective leaders. APPLICATION: As you generate your response, consider an organization or a leader you know or have read… Continue reading Organizational leadership assignment