Benefits of Virtualization Software – Computer Science

Discuss the benefits of virtualization software, as described in the text. Do you agree/disagree with these benefits, or can you think of additional benefits not already presented?  Also discuss the security concerns highlighted by server sprawl and how you would propose to solve those in your (real or hypothetical) organization. Please make your initial post… Continue reading Benefits of Virtualization Software – Computer Science

Advertisement Analysis – Marketing Assignment

ASSIGNMENT 2- Analyzing Advertisements Using the Three Major Sociological Social Psychology Theoretical Perspectives Assignment Overview: From the five advertisements used in assignment #1, select three advertisements to be analyzed using the three major sociological social psychology theoretical perspectives (one advertisement for each perspective). If your original five advertisements are not good fits for the theoretical… Continue reading Advertisement Analysis – Marketing Assignment

Research Article – Marketing Assignment

Race and Ethnic Minorities: Research Article Summary Guidelines Instructions: You are responsible for selecting four research articles beyond course readings and providing summaries for each. Your research summaries must be submitted to Canvas by the listed due dates. Select a research article from any of the journals listed under Journals in the SOCI 4540 Library Guide (Links to… Continue reading Research Article – Marketing Assignment

Applied Statistics Project – Mathematics

Competencies In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competencies: Apply statistical techniques to address research problems Perform regression analysis to address an authentic problem Overview The purpose of this project is to have you complete all of the steps of a real-world linear regression research project starting with developing a research… Continue reading Applied Statistics Project – Mathematics

Advertisements for Social Psychology Concepts

ASSIGNMENT 1: Analyzing Advertisements for Social Psychology Concepts Assignment Overview: For this assignment, each student is expected to find five print advertisements that contain some manner of overt, covert, obvious, or subtle social message or messages. Students are to complete this worksheet based on the advertisements they have selected. This assignment is worth a total… Continue reading Advertisements for Social Psychology Concepts

8 Responses – Biology Students’ Assignment

DQ1 1) J.W      Re: Topic 5 DQ 1 Professor and class, Homeostasis is important to the organism, it keeps the state of the internal conditions of the organism stable. Two forms of feedback help in this process, they are negative and positive feedback loops. These loops help to control the body’s temperature, pressure, blood and… Continue reading 8 Responses – Biology Students’ Assignment

Lifespan – Psychology Assignment Paper

 Chapter 17 Class Participation Respond to the following. This assignment is worth 5 points. Make  sure that you use complete sentences, college-level grammar and that you  have completely thought about your response. Type the statement’s below and select T for true or F for false after the statements about centenarians. “The older you get, the… Continue reading Lifespan – Psychology Assignment Paper