Internet Gaming Disorder Essay

During the course of the year, you will complete three case studies. These are a chance for you to go beyond the assigned readings and class discussions and conduct some research on a specific topic that you are interested in. Please keep your topic focused. Choose a specific: person; place; thing (e.g. a technology); event;… Continue reading Internet Gaming Disorder Essay

Aquatic Ecosystems Environmental Characteristics

Explore Aquatic Ecosystems for each of the ecosystems listed below, then briefly describe the following listed below   the environmental characteristics at least 2 representative organisms found in each how those organisms are adapted to that environment Aquatic Ecosystems: Streams/rivers Ponds/lakes Freshwater wetlands Estuaries Intertidal zone Benthic environment (seagrass beds, kelp forests, coral reefs Neritic… Continue reading Aquatic Ecosystems Environmental Characteristics

Attorney General Victim List Murder Case

INTRODUCTION:     Your task is to compose an argumentative brief—essentially an outline of a legal argument—focused on a cold case from the New Hampshire Attorney General’s victim list, and exploiting the argumentative resources of classical forensic rhetoric.   CHOOSING AND RESEARCHING A CASE:   You should view the NH Attorney General’s “Victim List” to… Continue reading Attorney General Victim List Murder Case

Parallel construction questions

ONE   Share ONE thing you’ve learned, appreciate, or have questions about parallel construction.   TWO   Thinking about your final revision of Essay Four –   Identify ONE element listed, below, and explain how you will revise it for Essay Four. Be specific, so your reader can understand the specific changes you plan to… Continue reading Parallel construction questions