Sample Papers

November 18, 2019

American values: abstract concepts & in the real world

In your view, which sociological perspective best explains the relationship between American values as abstract concepts and American values as they play out in the real […]
November 18, 2019

The Use of Deadly Force Research Paper

Write a 12 page paper on the “Use of Deadly Force”.  Remember to include public’s perception versus Law Enforcement Officer (LEOs) which serves as a comparable […]
November 18, 2019

Food, Music or hobby and broader social forces

Sociological Imagination Essay Taking three presumably personal choices (the food you like, the music you enjoy and the hobby you engage in) and connecting it to […]
November 18, 2019

Torture to find a nuclear bomb in North America

HUM 2225 Ethics In order to earn the maximum number of points- you need to follow this instruction sheet as closely as possible.  The point on […]
November 18, 2019

Determinants of demand: demand curve for sedans

Determinants of demand The following calculator shows the demand curve for sedans (for example, Toyota Camrys or Honda Accords) in New York City. For simplicity, assume […]
November 18, 2019

public safety administration concepts and challenges

2 Discussion And Reflection Post There are two Discussion Boards and a Reflection Discussion for a total of three things to complete, must be answered thoroughly. […]
November 18, 2019

Privacy and security: Cyberattacks – IG DIS 5

IG DIS 5 Strict APA format 1 page and no references before 2015. NO PLAGIARISM (APA format) Chapter 11 – According to the authors, privacy and […]
November 18, 2019

Individual and market supply Assignment

Individual and market supply Suppose that Lorenzo and Neha are the only suppliers of collectible action figures in a particular market. The following table shows their […]
November 18, 2019

Family Nurse Practitioner Nursing Theories

Nursing Discussion Post Identify your specialty area of NP practice (Family Nurse Practitioner). Select a nursing theory, borrowed theory, or interdisciplinary theory provided in the lesson […]
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