Sample Papers

June 5, 2020

Management Development Program Paper

Prompt: Answer Critical Thinking Challenge #4 at the end of Chapter 9. Compare the program you create to your current employer or a former employer’s management […]
June 5, 2020

Enterprise Resources Planning Discussion

Guidelines: I have provided the proposed solution we are to USE (SEE attached doc). Below is my assign section DO NOT USE THE WORDS “YOU” OR […]
June 5, 2020

Issues in Education Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper Write a 3-5 page paper in APA format reflecting on the issues and concerns facing education today. What are your initial thoughts on solutions […]
June 5, 2020

Illegal Wildlife Trade Critical Commentary

Critical commentaries are an analysis of all four readings for a given topic, and involve three key steps: reading, synthesis writing, and critical evaluation. no outside […]
June 5, 2020

Aging in America Today TED Talk Analysis

Watch a video and write a response paper. (at least one page).Please follow the prompt! Guidelines: follow this order to write several paragraphs 1. Who – Briefly introduce […]
June 5, 2020

Academic Vocabulary Strategies Discussion

Academic Vocabulary Strategies Based on the strategies that you learned about in this course and your required readings, write a 250-word reflection about how you would […]
June 5, 2020

Homeland Security and Natural Hazards Paper

Complete: a minimum of 1,500 words (total assignment) and 4 scholarly sources in perfect APA format. 1.Why do Americans seem to be more concerned with terrorist […]
June 5, 2020

Customer Service Training Implementation Plan

Imagine that you are a member of the HR department of a small retail company and upper management has asked you to create a new employee […]
June 5, 2020

Evaluations and Support to Law Agencies

You are the community affairs officer in your department (real or imagined). You are going to make a presentation to your governing body (Commission, Council, or […]
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