Identified problem in the world today

11/14/21, 10:03 PM MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)… 1/15
MMW 121 Writing Project, Fall 2021
Final Paper Guidelines
DUE Week 10, Tuesday 11/30/2021
by 11:59 PM to your section Canvas
15% of grade
Please read all of the below carefully.
Use the MLA Sample Paper as a
template for your final paper. It can be
found in the Writing Project Prompt,
Guidelines, and Resources module on
your section Canvas site.
The final paper is the culmination of
the research and thought you’ve put
into your topic over the course of the
quarter. It asks you to make an
academic argument based on
scholarly research and course sources.
Such an argument follows a welldefined structure that is common
across many disciplines–and not just
in MMW. Once you master the
structure, you may find it useful in
other courses and outside of academia
In the Writing Forum and Rough Draft
leading up to the final paper, you
● Identified two
traditions studied in the
course; the traditions come
from different regions of the
● Identified a problem in the
world today
● Found excellent sources; for
the final paper, sources should
include at least 2 scholarly
peer-reviewed articles from
academic journals and at least
6 course sources. You should
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MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)
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11/14/21, 10:03 PM MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)… 2/15
make effective use of them and
cite them accurately
● Posed a Level 3 question (one
that is arguable, open-ended)
about how your chosen
traditions can be of value in
addressing the contemporary
problem and answered it with
a thesis.
In your final paper, you’ll build on the
Writing Forum and Rough Draft by:
● Posing a refined question that
addresses how your chosen
course traditions can be of
value in addressing a
contemporary problem
● Answering your question by
considering other views
(counterargument), making an
assertion about the issue
(argument/thesis), and backing
up that assertion with
compelling and logical reasons.
Your question should be
addressed convincingly in a
1250-1750-word (+ Works
Cited) paper.
● Supporting your answer and
reasons with specific evidence,
based on research and
● In 250 words or less, writing a
Dear Reader Letter to your TA
that answers the following
â—‹ What are the strengths
of the final paper?
What problems
â—‹ What challenges did
you encounter this
term in writing this
project? How did you
overcome them?
â—‹ If you had two more
days to work on the
paper, what would you
â—‹ What lessons for the
future (for writing, for
life, or both) did you
learn in completing this
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MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)
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11/14/21, 10:03 PM MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)… 3/15
project? What are your
The rest of these guidelines includes
the following:
I. Components of the Final
II. Grading Rubric
III. Submission Checklist
I. Components of the Final Paper
Following these guidelines for the
components of the final paper will
help you write a strong and wellorganized argument. See Little Seagull,
W-8 for additional guidance on writing
Audience: Write as a scholar-intraining to an audience of intelligent,
well-informed people who do not
necessarily know this material and
who may have a different perspective
on it than you do, or at least might not
have thought of your thesis before
reading your paper. Engage your
readers in the issue and convince
them of your thesis and the
significance (value) of the issue and
your argument. Assume that they are
expecting you to follow the norms of
academic citation and to make the
context of your paper clear. Also see
Little Seagull, W-1 and W-2.
Introduction: The introduction is your
opportunity to frame the paper in an
interesting way that shows its
significance. To do so, you’ll need to:
● Introduce the course
traditions and contemporary
problem, and the relationship
between them
● Clearly pose your level-3
question (this is, a question
that is open-ended, debatable,
and answerable with scholarly
research and analysis of texts);
for your MMW 121 paper, this
question should address how
the course traditions you’ve
chosen can be of value in
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MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)
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11/14/21, 10:03 PM MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)… 4/15
addressing a contemporary
● Answer your question with a
thesis (your argument); for
MMW, we encourage you to
use the thesis formula (found
below) when crafting your
Thesis: The thesis answers the level-3
question you ask in your introduction
and lays out the structure of your
argument, creating the reader’s
expectations for what is to come in
the essay:
● Acknowledges an alternative
view of the subject—the
opposition (an “although”
● Refers to the subject of the
question, what your paper is
● Makes an assertion about the
subject (your position on the
issue) that answers the
● Provides at least 3
reasons (sometimes fewer,
sometimes more) to support
the assertion, listed in the
most logical and persuasive
order for your argument
Stated as a formula: TS = O + S + A + R
Thesis Sentence = Opposition +
Subject + Assertion + Reasons (3+)
Note on Reasons: Three or more
reasons is a guide to help you think
through your assertion and evidence
thoroughly. Why do you assert what
you assert? Those are your reasons,
and the reasons are based on the
evidence you find, and the particular
problem you are exploring. There is no
magic number. Sometimes, one
reason will suffice. Sometimes, you
need many more than three. But for
many situations, three is about right.
The purpose of giving you a number is
to guide you away from simply
restating your main idea or listing a lot
of random evidence and to guide you
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MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)
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11/14/21, 10:03 PM MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)… 5/15
toward a sufficiently focused,
coherent, fully developed argument
with clearly stated reasons to support
your assertion. Please consult with
your TA if you have any questions
about 1) the difference between
assertions, reasons, and evidence; 2)
the right number of reasons for your
argument; or 3) how to strengthen
your argument.
Note on Thesis: Your thesis can also be
one or more sentences, depending
upon what you want to say about your
topic. For MMW papers, the thesis
should also be grounded historically
and in an analysis of texts. It shouldn’t
be theoretical or hypothetical, nor
should it be an “information dump.” It
should also adhere to the
requirements of the specific
assignment. If you have questions or
concerns about the thesis or using
the formula, please consult with your
TA. Below you can find some example
thesis statements from MMW 121
that do a good job at addressing the
prompt and attempt to use the thesis
formula in a variety of ways:
Example 1: Although some
argue that the concept of
human rights contained in the
Universal Declaration of
Human Rights (UDHR) is based
in “Western” thinking and
therefore inapplicable to nonWestern states, a close reading
of Confucian and Islamic texts
shows that the ideals
contained in the UDHR are in
fact universal. This can be seen
in the principles of community
and responsibility, as well as
the relationship between the
state and the people found in
Confucian and Islamic texts.
Example 2: While some
advocate for using future
preventative efforts to spare
environments, recent
California wildfires show that
restoration efforts should be
inspired by combining prePublished using Google Docs Learn More Report Abuse
MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)
Updated automatically every 5
11/14/21, 10:03 PM MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)… 6/15
modern and modern practices
that preserve existing habitats,
create a balanced ecosystem,
and remove or reduce the
frequency of wildfires.
Example 3: Despite the VA’s
success, the idea of therapy
can be daunting or even met
with derision for some.
However, our understanding of
Confucianism and its focus on
social proclivity in relation to
well-being, as well as early
traditions’ emphasis on the
connection between Earth and
humans, can open the door to
a new form of treatment:
nature therapy. Nature therapy
can offer an alternative option
to overcoming PTSD as it
allows the individual to begin
rebuilding meaningful
relationships, provides
opportunities to connect with
nature, and offers a sense of
accomplishment upon
Note on the writing process: Even
though the introduction and thesis
usually come first in the final draft of
the paper, many writers find it helps to
write these after they have a rough
draft, and then revise and re-order the
paper accordingly. In fact, writers
often find it necessary to revise the
introduction, thesis, and structure of
the paper multiple times before the
essay is complete. We often don’t
know what we think or exactly what
point we want to make until we have
written at least one draft. Be patient
with your ideas and let them unfold as
you write. Also see Little Seagull, W-4.
Significance: This is the “so
what” argument of your paper: How
does your essay, and your
thesis/assertion in particular,
contribute to a better understanding
of the problem you address? Why
does it matter that the problem be
addressed and resolved as well as
Published using Google Docs Learn More Report Abuse
MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)
Updated automatically every 5
11/14/21, 10:03 PM MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)… 7/15
possible? Your answer to these
questions is your paper’s significance.
It’s your reason for writing the entire
paper. If you can’t determine
significance, then you most likely do
not have an argument yet.
Significance not only refers to the
significance of the issue in general but
most importantly also to the
significance of your thesis, your
assertion/argument. Further, the
“although” part of your thesis (the
“O”/Opposition part of the formula)
introduces the
counterargument/alternative view
with which you are engaging and gives
you the context for significance: unless
someone could disagree with your
assertion, you do not have an
argument. If someone could disagree
with your assertion, then you have an
To determine significance, ask yourself
why it’s important that we understand
your assertion: what value are you
bringing to the discussion about your
topic? When determining the
significance of your assertion, you can
● Discuss the historical
significance or contemporary
significance or both, as long as
you relate it to your assertion
● Discuss it in terms of finding
issues in the scholarly debate
(the conceptual problem) and
addressing those issues.
Sometimes, however, you may
be addressing issues you have
discovered through examining
primary sources and reading
widely in secondary sources
Title: Provide a title that focuses on
the main point you are making about
your topic (for MMW 121, the course
traditions + contemporary problem)
and stimulates interest in it. If you
want to be more creative with your
title, consider adding a subtitle to give
your reader direction and clarity to
your creativity. Here are examples
based on the thesis examples above:
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MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)
Updated automatically every 5
11/14/21, 10:03 PM MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)… 8/15
● Using Confucianism and Islam
to Interpret the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights
● Combining Modern
Technologies and Pre-Modern
Practices to Combat
California’s Wildfires
● Nature Therapy: An Alternative
to Overcoming PTSD
Context: Accurately establish the
historical and cultural contexts of
relevant events and texts for both 1)
the topic you are exploring and 2) any
sources you use.
Provide enough context for a reader
outside of the course to follow your
reasoning. For instance, the first time
you refer to an author, even if the
author is in your Works Cited and even
if the people in your course know who
you are talking about, write the full
name and give enough background
information to make it clear why you
are referencing this author.
The context can be woven into any
part of the paper where it is
appropriate and needed for the reader
to understand and be persuaded by
your argument.
Opposition (Counterargument) and
Rebuttal: Consider at least one
alternative view to your assertion.
This is your opposition, also known as
your counterargument. Discuss its
merits and flaws fairly, presenting
evidence for it. Then show why your
argument is better, rebutting the
counterargument with evidence in
support of your argument. You don’t
have to claim that your interpretation
is “right” or “true;” you just have to
persuade your readers that it is the
strongest among competing views.
The counterargument is also your
check to see if you have a level 3
argument–one that is debatable and
based in scholarly research and/or
analysis of texts. If you don’t have an
opposition, then you don’t have a
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MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)
Updated automatically every 5
11/14/21, 10:03 PM MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)… 9/15
level 3 argument (you also don’t have
a significant argument).
The counterargument and rebuttal are
built into the thesis as the
“opposition” and “assertion” (the O
and the A parts of the thesis formula).
Develop them in one or more
paragraphs in the body of the paper.
Place the counterargument and
rebuttal wherever they flow best with
the rest of the paper and are most
persuasive for your argument. The
thesis forecasts the counterargument
early on in the paper, and sometimes
you may need to go into some detail
about it for the set up of the paper.
For most essays, though, the fully
developed counterargument and
rebuttal section of the paper works
best after thoroughly presenting the
evidence for your argument. In any
case, use transitions to make it clear
to your reader what you are arguing
for and what you are arguing against.
Organization: Organize the body of the
paper with several paragraphs, at
least one for each reason provided in
the thesis, the counterargument, and
the rebuttal. Discuss the reasons in
the order presented in the thesis.
Write a topic sentence for each
paragraph that makes a point about
each reason, tying it explicitly to your
Analyze and use specific evidence
from texts to support each reason and
illustrate your point: summarize,
paraphrase, and quote, as needed,
citing the texts for all evidence you
draw from them. Explain how the
evidence supports the point you’re
making for each reason.
Use transitions to guide the reader so
they can easily follow the flow of your
● To connect the thesis to the
supporting reasons
● To connect the reasons to the
textual evidence
Published using Google Docs Learn More Report Abuse
MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)
Updated automatically every 5
11/14/21, 10:03 PM MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)… 10/15
● To mark the transitions
between reasons,
counterargument, and rebuttal
The resources on paragraph structure
found on your section Canvas site
under the Writing Project Overview,
Guidelines,and Resources module
provide really helpful models for
structuring individual body
paragraphs, as is the section on
paragraphs in Seagull, W-5. For more
information about organization, see
“Ways of organizing an argument” in
Seagull, W-8b.
Conclusion: Write a conclusion that
ends your argument persuasively. It
needs to briefly and non-repetitively
summarize the argument, elaborate
on the implications and significance of
your thesis, and suggest direction for
further study or action. The conclusion
should be at least 1 paragraph.
Sources: For the final draft, you will
● At least 6 course sources, 3 for
each tradition: at least 2
readings from The World’s
Wisdom, How to Live a Good
Life, and/or Canvas readings,
and at least 1 course video
● At least 2 peer-reviewed
articles from academic
Please see the MMW 121 Library
Guide and Little Seagull, R-1e; R-2; R3b; R-4, for information on how to
find, evaluate, and incorporate
Note on Translations: If you are
working with texts in translation,
please take the context of the
translation into consideration. Consult
with your TA for specific guidance.
Also, please note that although you
may use sources written in any
language, you can only use those that
are also translated into English, and
you must reference the English
translation in your paper.
Published using Google Docs Learn More Report Abuse
MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)
Updated automatically every 5
11/14/21, 10:03 PM MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)… 11/15
Provide PDF scans of each source you
use with the part you used
highlighted or underlined, as
instructed in “Guidelines for MMW
Papers.” See also the “Scanning
Sources, Marking and Compiling PDFs”
II. Grading Rubric
The assignment will be evaluated
based on these criteria:
Makes an Academic Argument and
Adheres to Assignment:
● Asks a Level 3
question (implicitly or
explicitly) and answers it with a
thesis about how the traditions
studied in this course can be of
value in addressing a problem
in the present
● Argument can be supported by
course materials and scholarly
● Topic deals with two of the
traditions studied in MMW 121
and a contemporary problem.
The traditions come from
different regions of the world
Presents and Organizes Argument
● Title gives the reader direction
and focus
● Introduction engages readers’
interest in the issue; shows the
significance of the issue (the
“so what”); asks a question
and answers it directly with a
clear, arguable thesis
statement that uses the
assigned formula and makes
the connection between the
thesis and question clear
● Presents evidence for the
counterargument, discusses its
merits and flaws, and rebuts
it with evidence, showing why
the essay’s argument is better.
The discussion of the
counterargument is placed in
the most logical and persuasive
Published using Google Docs Learn More Report Abuse
MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)
Updated automatically every 5
11/14/21, 10:03 PM MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)… 12/15
● Topic sentences and
transitions connect thesis and
supporting reasons,
counterargument, rebuttal in
clear and cohesive way
● Conclusion briefly and nonrepetitively summarizes
argument, elaborates on
implications and significance,
and may suggest direction for
further study
Supports Argument with Cohesive
Reasoning Based upon Scholarly and
Course Sources:
● Supports main assertion with
at least 3 reasons, developed
and illustrated by ample and
relevant specific textual
evidence, and discussed in the
most persuasive and logical
order, as specified in the
paper’s introduction
● Chooses relevant sources and
uses them effectively
● Clearly defines the historical
and geographical context of
the topic, providing
background material, including
definitions of key terms as
● Develops and supports reasons
with sufficient, compelling
analysis of evidence from
● Makes clear how the evidence
supports the reasons
● Draws evidence and support
from at least 6 course sources-
-2 readings and 1 video from
each tradition–and at least 2
relevant, best possible
scholarly peer-reviewed
articles from academic journals
Effective Use of Quoting,
Paraphrasing, and Summarizing:
● Well-developed
paragraphs integrate evidence
clearly and appropriately
● Quotes are used sparingly and
● Paraphrases and
summaries are accurate and
Published using Google Docs Learn More Report Abuse
MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)
Updated automatically every 5
11/14/21, 10:03 PM MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)… 13/15
Clear Prose:
● Grammar, mechanics, and
sentence structure strengthen
the argument
● Effective style appropriate to a
scholar-in-training writing to
intelligent peers, and is a
pleasure to read, clear, and
Appropriate Format and Accurate
● Correct formatting for paper
(margins, headings, page #s,
● Correct citations in MLA format
● Follows “Guidelines for MMW
Sources Submitted Correctly:
● Scanned correct pages,
highlighted, and submitted as
required in the “Guidelines for
MMW Papers” and the
Submission Checklist (see
section III of this sheet)
Overall Grade Criteria:
A range: Advanced; meets all of the
above criteria at an exceptionally high
level, demonstrating university-level
and upper-division-level work.
B range: Proficient; meets most of the
above criteria at a high level with
some issues (minor to more serious)
that interfere with full realization of
goals. The assignment meets
expectations for university-level and
upper-division-level work, but does
not demonstrate advanced work in
some areas due to errors, lack of
attention to prompt, or neglect of
provided resources.
C range: Competent; meets most of
the above criteria at a level that
demonstrates competency but has
several issues that interfere with full
realization of goals. The assignment
meets some expectations for
university-level or upper-division-level
work, but may not demonstrate
Published using Google Docs Learn More Report Abuse
MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)
Updated automatically every 5
11/14/21, 10:03 PM MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)… 14/15
proficiency in many areas due to
significant errors, lack of attention to
the prompt, or neglect of provided
D: Novice; the work demonstrates lack
of competency in most criteria. The
assignment raises concerns about
assignment comprehension, citation
conventions, text/source
comprehension, and/or summarizing,
paraphrasing, and quoting sources.
The writer can move into competency
or proficiency in the future by using
university resources to practice skills
or by visiting TA/professor in office
hours for help.
F: Insufficient; significant criteria are
missing. The assignment is outside the
scope of the prompt or course.
Citations are missing or errors in
citation or use of sources rise to the
level of academic misconduct.
Recycles research/writing from an
assignment from another course.
Please see your TA immediately for
assistance and resources.
0: No submission
III. Submission Checklist
Submit these files to Canvas: Submit
all of these files for the assignment to
be considered complete.
❏ One file for your Final Paper:
Saved as either .PDF or .DOCX
with a file name in this format
[your full name].Final Paper
❏ One file for your Dear Reader
Letter: Saved as either .PDF or
.DOCX with a file name in this
format: [your full name].Dear
Reader Letter
❏ Multiple files (one file for each)
for sources: Saved as separate
.PDF files with a file name in
this format: [Author’s last
name]_[Title of Document]
Published using Google Docs Learn More Report Abuse
MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)
Updated automatically every 5
11/14/21, 10:03 PM MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)… 15/15
(can be a short version of the
Please remember, your submission is
automatically submitted to TAs will review all reports.
Late Assignments: Assignments
submitted after the due date will
result in a 1-step deduction on the
grade scale for each day it is late.
Assignments not submitted by the
start of the final exam time will result
in a 0/100 for the assignment.
Reminder! You still have a Writing
Forum in Week 10! It asks you to
reflect on the writing process this
quarter by filling out a brief survey.
Published using Google Docs Learn More Report Abuse
MMW 121 Final Paper Guidelines (Fa 2021)
Updated automatically every 5

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We have a privacy and confidentiality policy that guides our work. We NEVER share any customer information with third parties. Noone will ever know that you used our assignment help services. It’s only between you and us. We are bound by our policies to protect the customer’s identity and information. All your information, such as your names, phone number, email, order information, and so on, are protected. We have robust security systems that ensure that your data is protected. Hacking our systems is close to impossible, and it has never happened.

How our Assignment  Help Service Works

1.      Place an order

You fill all the paper instructions in the order form. Make sure you include all the helpful materials so that our academic writers can deliver the perfect paper. It will also help to eliminate unnecessary revisions.

2.      Pay for the order

Proceed to pay for the paper so that it can be assigned to one of our expert academic writers. The paper subject is matched with the writer’s area of specialization.

3.      Track the progress

You communicate with the writer and know about the progress of the paper. The client can ask the writer for drafts of the paper. The client can upload extra material and include additional instructions from the lecturer. Receive a paper.

4.      Download the paper

The paper is sent to your email and uploaded to your personal account. You also get a plagiarism report attached to your paper.

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