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Mana g e C onf l i ct and Imp r o v e Rel at i ons h i p s by Elias H. Porter, Ph.D.
Strength Deployment Inventory
: Interpretive Guide
st r en g t h . . . The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) helps people identify their personal
strengths in relating to others under two conditions: 1) when everything is going well, and 2) when they are
faced with conflict.
d e p l o y ment . . . means to move strategically or to take a position for effective action. The SDI suggests
ways that ones personal strengths may be used to improve relationships with others.
i n v ent o r y . . . The SDI is not a test where judgments and right or wrong answers are graded. It is
an inventory for taking stock of motivational values (the basis for how you feel and act in different situations).
It is a self-discovery tool.
Using the SDI Interpretive Guide
You have received this SDI Interpretive Guide because you completed the
online version of the Strength Deployment Inventory. You will also be provided
with your own results.
Understanding Your SDI Results
The point values you chose while completing the online SDI result in six numerical totals. These totals are used to generate an arrow which represents your
Motivational Value System and Conflict Sequence.
The Dot
The dot indicates the Motivational Value Systemmotives and values that
drive behavior when things are going well. The Valued Relating Style is
the behavior associated with a Motivational Value System. See the pages
titled The 7 Motivational Value Systems and Points of Comparison
Between Patterns of Motivation for descriptive information.
The Arrowhead
The arrowhead indicates the Conflict Sequencechanges in motivation in conflict that drive changes in behavior in conflict. See pages titled
Your Conflict Sequence and Conflict Sequences for descriptive information.
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The 7 Motivational Value Systems
Motivational Value System Valued Relating Style Rewarding Environment
Blue: AltruisticNurturing Being open and responsive to the needs
of others… Seeking ways to bring help
to others… Trying to make life easier for
others… Trying to avoid being a burden
to others… Ensuring others reach their
potential… Ensuring others are valued…
Defending the rights of others
Open, friendly, helpful, considerate,
supportive, enhancing, trusting,
socially sensitive, sincere, loyal,
compassionate, respectful,
humanitarian… Being needed…
Being appreciated
Red: AssertiveDirecting Competing for authority, responsibility
and positions of leadership… Exercising
persuasion… Being alert to opportunity…
Claiming the right to earned rewards…
Striving for immediate action… Accepting
challenges… Accepting risk-taking as
necessary and desirable…
Demonstrating competitiveness
Progressive, innovative, evocative,
challenging, fast-moving, stimulating,
competitive, creative… New levels
of opportunity… Potential for personal
advancement and development…
Personal material rewards available…
Potential for winning…
Verbally stimulating… Self-projection
Green: AnalyticAutonomizing Being objective… Being right…
Being principled… Being in control of
ones emotions… Being practical… Being
cautious and thorough… Being fair…
Being resolute… Being serious… Being
their own judge and jury… Being their
own person… Thinking things
through before acting
Clarity, logic, precision, utility, durability,
efficiency, reliability, organized… Self-reliance,
individualism, self-dependence…
Effective use of resources… Individual decision
making… Clear, supportable, authentic criteria
for decision making… Time to explore
options… Opportunity for economy…
Researched recommendations
Hub: FlexibleCohering Being curious about what others think
and feel… Being open minded and willing to
adapt… Experiments with different ways of
acting… Proud to be a member…
Likes to know a lot of people… Likes to
be known by a lot of people… Likes to be
known as flexible
Friendly, involving, sociable,
democratic, playful, changing,
flexible… Encouraging interaction…
Being heard and listening…
Sensitivity to feelings…
Red-Blue: AssertiveNurturing Actively seeking opportunities to
help others… Persuading others to ensure
maximum growth and development
of others… Being open to proposals for
creating welfare and security for others…
Creating enthusiasm and support in
tackling obstacles to success
Openness, mentoring, enthusiastic,
friendliness, sincerity, trust,
compassion… Respect for others…
Supporting the underdog…
Positive, progressive initiatives for the
growth and development of others
Red-Green: JudiciousCompeting
Providing rational leadership that
can assess risks and opportunities…
Being decisive and proactive
when all the facts are in…
Challenging opposition through
thoughtful process and strategy
Strategic, determined, planning…
Complex, challenging tasks requiring
expertise… Environment that offers
recognition for achievement…
Availability of technical resources…
Opportunities to lead and to
develop winning strategies
Blue-Green: CautiousSupporting
Building effective processes and
resources to protect or enhance welfare
of others… Offering assistance for greater
self-sufficiency and independence…
Supporting activities that lead to growth…
Fighting for principles that are fair
Conscientious, patient, congenial…
Environment that respects individuals,
fairness, and resources… Opportunities
to encourage growth, independence,
and bring forth the best in others…
Tasks that require thoughtful analysis
to aid those in need
Concern for the protection,
growth, and welfare of others
Concern for task
Concern for organization
of people, time, money and
any other resources to achieve
desired results
Concern for assurance that
things have been properly
thought out
Concern for meaningful
order being established and
Concern for flexibility
Concern for the welfare
of the group
Concern for the members
of the group and for
belonging in the group
Concern for the protection,
growth, and welfare of others
through task accomplishment
and leadership
Concern for intelligent
assertiveness, justice,
leadership, order, and
fairness in competition
Concern for affirming and
developing self-sufficiency
in self and others
Concern for thoughtful
helpfulness with regard
for justice
Copyright 1973, 2006 by Personal Strengths Publishing. All rights reserved in the U.S. and worldwide. This inventory or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of Personal Strengths Publishing.
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SDI Interpretive Guide Page 2 of 7
Points of Comparison Between Patterns of Motivation
Copyright 1973, 2006 by Personal Strengths Publishing. All rights reserved in the U.S. and worldwide. This inventory or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of Personal Strengths Publishing.
Motivational Value System
You feel best about
what you are doing
when you are . . .
You feel most rewarded
by others when they treat
you as a . . .
You identify with and
feel most at ease with
people who . . .
Blue: AltruisticNurturing being helpful in some
way to others who can
genuinely benefit from
your help.
warm and friendly
person who wants to
be of help and who is
deserving of thanks and
appreciation for
giving help.
clearly care for the
feelings, the needs, and
the welfare
of others.
Red: AssertiveDirecting in the position of
providing leadership
and are able to set the
goals for and direct the
actions of others.
strong and ambitious
person, a winner, and
one who is deserving
of the opportunity to
provide leadership and
clearly understand
the productivity
behind the exercise
of power, control,
and competition.
Green: AnalyticAutonomizing able to pursue your own
interests in a self-reliant
way without having to
take direction or help
from those around you.
clear, logical and
analytic person who
is deserving of respect
for dealing with others
fairly and for being
a person of principle.
clearly respect the
integrity of others and
the rights of others to
determine their own
courses of action.
Hub: FlexibleCohering able to coordinate your
efforts with others in
some common undertaking that involves
closeness, clear lines of
authority, and opportunity for self-reliance.
good team member who
knows how to be a loyal
follower, knows how to
exercise authority, and
knows when to follow
the rules and when to
use judgment.
clearly are flexible
in their behavior and
readily able to adapt
to whatever the
situation calls for.
Red-Blue: AssertiveNurturing in a position to be
genuinely helpful
through your
leadership, and are
able to direct others
for their own benefit.
strong and friendly
person deserving
of recognition and
appreciation, and
the opportunity to
lead others for their
clearly understand
the compassionate
use of power, and
the need to act
promptly in matters
affecting other
peoples welfare.
Red-Green: JudiciousCompeting in a position to
compete using your own
judgment, and to direct
others in an impartial
and efficient manner.
strong and principled
person, deserving of
recognition and respect,
and the opportunity to
provide competitive and
rational leadership.
clearly understand
the rational use of
power, and the need
to act promptly and
judiciously in matters
affecting your
competitive edge.
Blue-Green: CautiousSupporting able to nurture the
growth of another
persons self-reliance
through your analysis
of their needs.
warm and principled
person who combines
compassion and intellect
into enlightened
guidance for others.
clearly understand
the employment of
both feelings and reason
to better the welfare and
independence of others.
SDI Interpretive Guide Page 3 of 7
Prepared exclusively for:
Copyright 1973, 2006 by Personal Strengths Publishing. All rights reserved in the U.S. and worldwide. This inventory or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of Personal Strengths Publishing.
You are attracted to
and intrigued by
others who are . . .
Ideally, you would
like to be . . .
Ideally, you would like
to avoid ever being . . .
You feel distant from and
somewhat contemptuous
of people who . . .
You feel discomfort
from people who . . .
strong and know exactly what they want to
do and want you to be
included in their
activities and successes.
more assertive and
less fearful of pushing
for your own rights
and wants; more capable of saying No
to people who impose
on you.
a selfish person or
one who is cold and
unfeeling about
constantly compete
with and try to take
advantage of others;
are cold and
unresponsive to
gestures of
treat you with anger
and hostility, tell you
to go mind your own
business, or are slow
to recognize your
efforts to promote
their welfare.
generous and
responsive to you and
who want to help you
achieve your ambitions
and your successes.
more considerate of
other peoples feelings
and rights; more given
to thinking things
through before
committing yourself
to a course of action.
a gullible person or
a person who is
indecisive and
unable to act.
constantly lose out
and dont stand up
for themselves; have a
shell of reserve around
them that you just
cant penetrate.
are all-forgiving and
never fight back; dont
let you know what they
expect as rewards from
you and then withdraw
their loyalty or
betray you.
open and explicit
about what they want
and how they feel,
without imposing their
wants or feelings on
more trusting of
others and more open
to them; less reserved
about asserting your
rights and wishes.
an overly emotional
person or one who
is exploitative
of others.
never seem to take
anything seriously;
try to push their help
on you or try to push
you to do things
their way.
accuse you of being
opportunistic and
unprincipled; push
their help on you when
you dont want it.
generous in their help;
who are strong and
want you on their
team; who are quite
patient and dont lose
their heads.
a well-rounded person
capable of complete
flexibility in behavior.
subservient to
others, domineering
over others, and/or
isolated from others.
are outsiders and who
reject membership in
your groups efforts or
withhold support for
your groups efforts.
commit themselves
to the group effort and
then let the group down
by failing to live up to
their commitments.
strong and decisive and
know exactly what they
want to do, and who
ask for your support
without imposing
on you.
more contemplative
and analytical in
your decisions and
more tenacious and
prudent in pursuing
your goals.
exploitative or
inconsiderate of
others or brazen and
superficial in your
refuse to get involved;
fear making a decision; are concerned
with their needs to the
of the needs of others.
treat you with
indifference; ignore
you; accuse you of
exploiting people.
supportive and loyal to
you and who will help
you, without hesitation
or qualification, to
attain success.
more trusting and
helpful with others
and more open
about your goals.
an impulsive or
emotional person,
or one without
order and purpose
in your life.
constantly lose out;
lack self-reliance; are
impetuous; are
gullible and
treat you with passivity
or with ignorance, or
accuse you of mindless
thoughtful and
respectful of you and
your goals and who are
cautious and thorough
in whatever they
undertake on your
more assertive
about your wants
and more decisive
about your actions.
isolated from
others, or indecisive
in matters affecting
their welfare.
are braggarts and
meddlers, and who
presume upon and
compete with others.
treat you with anger or
disdain, or accuse you
of fostering childlike
SDI Interpretive Guide Page 4 of 7
Your Conflict Sequence
Your Conflict Sequence sequence indicates changes in motivation and related behavior when faced
with conflict and opposition. There are thirteen possible Conflict Sequences based on the order of
the conflict totals.
The letters B, R, and G are shown in the order of
your last three SDI result totals from highest to lowest.
If any of your totals are six points or less apart, brackets
are placed around those letters as in the example to
the right.
Your Conflict Sequence is a predictable and sequential change in motivation when faced with
conflict or opposition. Conflict has three progressively serious stages and can be resolved at any
point during the sequence. Letters within brackets suggests that your response during the
bracketed stages can be blended or interchangeable.
Your Conflict Sequence can also be determined by the location of your arrowhead on
the triangle.
44 16 40
[B G] R
Preventing Conflict
Much of the interpersonal conflict people experience on a daily basis is preventable.
While preventing conflict takes work, avoiding or ignoring conflict can cause damage to your
relationships. Awareness of your own Motivational Value System and how it may differ from
others is crucial to your ability to prevent conflict. When you deliberately relate to people in a
way that respects their motivations, you increase the chance that conflict will be prevented.
Preventable conflict may be generated by overdoing one of your strengths. The table on the
page titled Managing Your Strengths lists some strengths and the way they may appear when
overdone. You will also find things to be on guard against which suggests some strategies for
conflict prevention.
Conflict Stage Focus is on: BLUE RED GREEN
Stage 1
Simply being accommodating
to the needs of others.
Simply rising to the
challenge being offered.
Simply being
prudently cautious.
Stage 2
Giving in and letting the
opposition have its way.
Having to fight off
the opposition.
Trying to escape from
the opposition.
Stage 3
Having been
completely defeated.
Having to fight
for ones life.
Having to
retreat completely.
internal experience in Conflict
Copyright 1973, 2006 by Personal Strengths Publishing. All rights reserved in the U.S. and worldwide. This inventory or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of Personal Strengths Publishing.
Prepared exclusively for:
SDI Interpretive Guide Page 5 of 7
Conflict Stage BLUE RED GREEN
Stage 1 Accommodate others Rise to the challenge Be prudently cautious
Stage 2 Surrender conditionally Fight to win Pull back and analyze
Stage 3 Surrender completely Fight for survival Withdraw
O B S E R V A B L E B E H A V I O R in Conflict
Copyright 1973, 2005 by Personal Strengths Publishing. All rights reserved in the U.S. and worldwide. This inventory or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of Personal Strengths Publishing.
Conflict Sequences
a person who first pursues
peace and harmony, and
who continues to
accommodate the
opposition. If pressed far
enough, they fall back on
logically based and/or
assertive strategies to
preserve their integrity
and to prevent complete
a person who tries to
maintain peace and
harmony first and
foremost. If this does not
work, they then stand
up for their rights. If this
does not end the conflict,
they then withdraw as a
last resort.
a person who will
press assertively for
the maintenance
of harmony and
good will. If these
efforts fail, they
will eventually
withdraw from
the situation.
a person who first meets
conflict head-on with a strong
self-assertion and challenge
to the opposition. If this does
not work, they then initiate
efforts to restore and maintain
harmony. If this does not
end the conflict, they then
withdraw as a last resort.
a person who is
quick to assert their
rights and to fight
for them, but, if
pressed far enough,
they will either give
in for the moment
or break off contact,
whichever is
deemed the more
a person who wants most
to keep harmony and
good will. If this does
not work, they try to
disengage and save what
can be saved. If this does
not work, they then come
out fighting, probably in
an explosive manner.
a person who will strive to maintain
peace and harmony yet with a careful
eye toward the personal cost of doing
so. If these efforts fail, they will finally
fight for their rights, but only as a last
resort and possibly explosively.
a person who first meets conflict with
caution, examining the situation carefully and logically and waiting for all
the facts to come in before making any
commitments. If this does not work
and there is no important principle
involved, they would defer to the other
person in the interest of harmony. If the
conflict continues, they would come
out fighting, but only as a last resort.
[B R G]
a person who meets conflict and
opposition quite flexibly, that is, with an
approach that differs according to the
situation and circumstances rather than
by a fixed sequence. This may prove to
be confusing to others and they may
experience the person as unpredictable.
a person who takes an
initial stand in opposition to
conflict on the basis of logic,
order, rules and principles.
If pressed far enough, they
will take one or the other of
two paths: if it is important,
they will take up the fight;
if it is unimportant, they
will give in.
a person who first
tries the analytic,
logical and reserved
response to conflict
followed by an
assertive, forceful
attack based on
logic and strategies.
If these approaches
do not work, they
then give in for the
sake of harmony
but only as a last
a person who comes out
competing to prevail.
If competition and challenge
dont work, they fall back on
analysis, logic, reason and rules.
If this doesnt work, they will
finally give in as a last resort.
a person who meets conflict, not directly, but with
a set of strategies for dealing with the situation.
They use their head to get their way. If pressed far
enough, however, they finally give in and surrender.
Prepared exclusively for:
SDI Interpretive Guide Page 6 of 7
Managing Your Strengths
If Overdone
Can Become…
Trusting Gullible
Loyal Blind
Helpful Smothering
Modest Self-effacing
Devoted Subservient
Caring Submissive
Supportive Self-sacrificing
Blue: AltruisticNurturing THINGS TO BE ON GUARD AGAINST…
o Wanting so much to maintain harmony that I dont push for what I want
o Being so quick to believe in others that I dont use good judgment
o Being so loyal to others that I let them take advantage of me
o Expecting that everyone is going to be as concerned about how other people feel as I do
o Wanting to help others so much that I push my help on them and get in their way
o Being quick to blame myself first for anything that goes wrong
o Sharing my thoughts and feelings with people I shouldnt trust with them
o Fearing that if I said what I really feel about others, they would be hurt and not helped
o Struggling to maintain harmony at the expense of facing issues or of facing the facts
o Acting to please others just to be likeable
If Overdone
Can Become…
Self-confident Arrogant
Ambitious Ruthless
Persuasive Abrasive
Forceful Dictatorial
Quick to act Rash
Competitive Combative
Risk taker Gambler
Red: AssertiveDirecting THINGS TO BE ON GUARD AGAINST…
o Wanting so much to win that I step on others to get my own way
o Being in such a hurry to get things done that I disregard how others feel about things
o Being so sure I am right that I dont listen to other people
o Expecting that everyone is going to enjoy competing with me and pushing for what they want
o Wanting others to do things my way so much I become dictatorial
o Being quick to blame anything that goes wrong on a lack of cooperation
o Sharing only those thoughts and feelings that help me get my own way
o Fearing that if I said what I really feel, others would know how to take advantage of me
o Struggling to win an issue regardless of what the facts are or what other people might feel
o Acting to direct others just to exert my authority
If Overdone
Can Become…
Cautious Suspicious
Reserved Cold
Methodical Rigid
Analytical Nit picking
Principled Unbending
Fair Unfeeling
Persevering Stubborn
Green: AnalyticAutonomizing THINGS TO BE ON GUARD AGAINST…
o Wanting so much to be certain that I delay in reaching decisions
o Being so concerned with what is right or wrong that I dont pay attention to peoples feelings
o Being so cautious that I find it hard to place trust in others
o Expecting that everyone is going to be as concerned as I am with details, logic, and
matters of principle
o Being so self-dependent that I cut myself off from people who like me and can be helpful
o Being quick to blame anything that goes wrong on my not having been cautious enough
o Keeping my thoughts and feelings to myself so others dont get to know me
o Fearing that if I said what I really feel, others would see me as illogical and emotional
o Struggling with the facts and issues with such determination that others feelings are disregarded
o Acting to turn others away just to assert my self-dependence
If Overdone
Can Become…
Flexible Wishy washy
Open to change Inconsistent
Socializer Unable to stand alone
Experimenter Aimless
Adaptable Spineless
Tolerant Uncaring
Looks for options Without any focus
o Wanting so much to be flexible that I am sometimes inconsistent
o Being so open-minded that I lose sight of what I really think
o Needing to be with others so much that I find it hard to be alone
o Expecting that everyone is going to be as concerned as I am with being a good team member
o Wanting to fit in so much that I impress others as having no real convictions
o Being quick to blame anything that goes wrong on a lack of team work
o Accepting other peoples thoughts and feelings in place of my own
o Fearing that if I said what I really feel, others would see me as being rigid
o Struggling so hard to keep my options open I never take a clear line of action
o Acting to disagree with others just to show there are many ways to do things
Copyright 1973, 2006 by Personal Strengths Publishing. All rights reserved in the U.S. and worldwide. This inventory or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of Personal Strengths Publishing.
Prepared exclusively for:
SDI Interpretive Guide Page 7 of 7

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We have a privacy and confidentiality policy that guides our work. We NEVER share any customer information with third parties. Noone will ever know that you used our assignment help services. It’s only between you and us. We are bound by our policies to protect the customer’s identity and information. All your information, such as your names, phone number, email, order information, and so on, are protected. We have robust security systems that ensure that your data is protected. Hacking our systems is close to impossible, and it has never happened.

How our Assignment  Help Service Works

1.      Place an order

You fill all the paper instructions in the order form. Make sure you include all the helpful materials so that our academic writers can deliver the perfect paper. It will also help to eliminate unnecessary revisions.

2.      Pay for the order

Proceed to pay for the paper so that it can be assigned to one of our expert academic writers. The paper subject is matched with the writer’s area of specialization.

3.      Track the progress

You communicate with the writer and know about the progress of the paper. The client can ask the writer for drafts of the paper. The client can upload extra material and include additional instructions from the lecturer. Receive a paper.

4.      Download the paper

The paper is sent to your email and uploaded to your personal account. You also get a plagiarism report attached to your paper.

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