Retail operations and retail inventory

Question 1 (10 marks)

Retail operations and retail inventory

Spottie Ltd began business on 1 January 2018.  The business will sell ‘Spot the dog’ soft toys via an online store.  The business is not registered for GST.  The following transactions occurred during January 2018:

Date: Details:
1 Jan Spottie Ltd issued 10,000 x $2 shares to Mr Spot and Mrs Spot.     $20,000

received from the share issue was deposited into the business bank account.

3 Jan Inventory purchase (400 soft toys) from Plush Toys Ltd on account

for $2,400 on terms of n/30.

6 Jan Sale of inventory (160 soft toys) to Rainbow Preschool on account

for $1,600 on terms of n/30.

9 Jan Inventory purchase (300 soft toys) from Plush Toys Ltd via EFT for $2,100.
12 Jan Paid Plush Toys Ltd for purchases made on 3 January, via EFT.
15 Jan Received $1,600 from Rainbow Preschool in payment of their account.
20 Jan Sale of inventory (200 soft toys) to Sydney Children’s Hospital for $2,000

on terms of n/30.

22 Jan Inventory purchase (150 soft toys) from Plush Toys Ltd on account for $1,050

on terms of 2/10, n/30.

24 Jan Paid Plush Toys Ltd for purchases made on 22 January, via EFT.
25 Jan Sale of inventory (200 soft toys) for $2,400 to online customers, with customers

paying via EFT.

31 Jan Mr & Mrs Spot completed a stocktake, and the number of soft toys on hand was 290.


i)          Mr and Mrs Spot have heard of the two inventory methods – periodic and perpetual methods, and they have also heard of the terms ‘First-in-first-out’ and ‘Weighted average cost’, but don’t really know anything more about them.   Prepare a memo to Mr and Mrs Spot explaining each of these methods/terms.

ii)         After Mr and Mrs Spot received your memo above, they both agree that the ‘First-in-first-out’ method suits their business.  They are still undecided about which inventory method should be used (either the perpetual or periodic methods), and have asked you to prepare journal entries for all of the company’s transactions for January using the two different methods (using the ‘First-in-first-out’ basis), so that they can see how the journal entries differ.  Show workings where necessary.

Question 2 (10 marks)

Retail operations 


This question continues on from question 1 above.


It is now January 2019, and Mr and Mrs Spot have been very busy growing the business of Spottie Ltd over the last year.  The business now stocks 20 inventory lines, and employs three full-time staff.


After using a manual accounting system in Excel for Spottie Ltd’s business, Mr and Mrs Spot have come to you for advice as they consider moving to a computerised accounting system.  They believe that they have been spending too much time preparing the accounting records, and a friend recommended that they make the move to ‘Xero’ – an online accounting system.


Undertake some research into cloud-based accounting systems, and the ‘Xero’ cloud-based accounting system.




Prepare a business report (for the directors of Spottie Ltd) on cloud-based accounting systems (explaining what they are and how they work), and the suitability of the Xero cloud-based accounting system to Spottie Ltd’s business.  In your discussion, explain how a computerised system like Xero can help the business track and account for inventory.  Also highlight three other useful features of Xero that will be beneficial to Mr and Mrs Spot as they seek to save time preparing their accounting records, and monitor and grow their business further.


Note: You must reference using the APA referencing format, and include a reference list at the end of your report.


(Word count: 1000-1500 words)



Question 3 (10 marks)

Internal controls – cash

This question continues on from question 1 and question 2 above.

It is now January 2020, and Mr and Mrs Spot have been very successful in growing the business of Spottie Ltd over the last 2 years.  The business now stocks over 200 inventory lines, and employs six full-time staff.

As the business continues to grow, you strongly encourage Mr and Mrs Spot to review internal controls over cash receipts and cash payments in the business, to safeguard the business’s money.

Mr and Mrs Spot are not overly concerned, as they have never had any issues with cash going missing or being stolen in the past.


Undertake some research online, looking at cases of employee fraud and/or supplier fraud in Australia.  Prepare a letter to Mr and Mrs Spot – discussing the importance of internal controls, and addressing the following:


· Provide a brief overview of 2 recent cases of employee and/or supplier fraud in Australia, explaining how money was stolen from the business.  Explain what internal controls could have been implemented to reduce the risk of the fraud occurring.  Include a copy of an  article relating each case with your letter (or provide website links to the articles in your letter) for Mr & Mrs Spot to review;


· To help Mr & Mrs Spot as they consider reviewing internal controls, outline three internal controls over cash receipts and three internal controls over cash payments that can be implemented in their business immediately.  In your discussion, explain how each of these controls helps to reduce the risk of fraud or theft.













Question 4 (10 marks)


Bank reconciliations and cash


The bank reconciliation for Party Supplies at 31 July 2018 is shown below:

The August 2018 bank statement appeared as follows:


Party Supplies Ltd’s accounting records for August 2018 showed the following:




The current balance in the ‘bank’ ledger account (after the above receipts and payments have been entered) is: $17,245.00 + $18,874 deposits – $16,754.50 withdrawals = $19,364.50.


The company’s bookkeeper has come to you for help, as she is having trouble reconciling the bank account at 31 August 2018.




i)          Prepare the bank reconciliation for Party Supplies Ltd at 31 August 2018.


ii)         Prepare the journal entries to correct any errors made by Party Supplies Ltd, and to record transactions that have not yet been entered into the company’s accounting records.  (Note: The correction of any errors relating to the recording of cheques should be made to ‘Accounts payable’.  The correction of any errors relating to deposits (other than interest received) should be made to ‘Accounts receivable’.)


iii)        Prepare the ‘bank’ ledger account (using the T-Account format) for August 2018, in order to determine the balance in the account after the above journal entries have been recorded and posted.





Question 5 (10 marks)

Property, plant and equipment

Storm Ltd acquired an item of equipment on 1 July 2016 at a cost of $800,000.  On 30 June 2017, Storm’s directors decide to continue using the cost model for equipment. They elect to depreciate the equipment acquired on 1 July 2016 using the straight-line method, over its useful life of five years. The estimated residual value is $40,000.


The remaining useful life is revised on 1 July 2018 – estimated to be six years from 1 July 2018.  The estimated residual value is also revised on this date – to $50,000.


The item of equipment is sold on 31 December 2019 for $500,000.


Prepare journal entries to account for all transactions that took place during the period 1 July 2016 to 31 December 2019, including entries for the acquisition of the equipment, depreciation for each year, and its disposal.  Show all relevant dates, narrations and workings.




It is essential that presentation of assignments adheres to accepted standards in relation to neatness and layout, as you are practicing to present material in a work situation.

For spreadsheet questions, ensure that you adhere to the spreadsheet requirements (refer to the ‘Requirements’ section below).

For questions that require you to prepare a business report, your report should include a title page, executive summary (optional), table of contents, introduction, body, conclusion, recommendations (if necessary), and reference list. For further guidance on business report writing, please refer to the following guides or others available on the internet: or

You need to provide references and prepare a reference list using the APA referencing style with your assignment. Note: when preparing a business report, include a reference list as part of the business report. You need to provide a reference whenever you draw on someone else’s words, ideas or research. You should also provide references for any graphic information you use. Films, television programs, personal communications and online sources also need to be referenced.


Your Turnitin submission will consist of two files: a Word file and an Excel file. Paste the spreadsheet solutions and a formula view of each spreadsheet in the Word file, displaying row and column headings. Thus, your Word file will provide a complete answer to every question. The separate Excel file will provide a clear demonstration of correct spreadsheet structures. The pasted formula view may need to have adjusted column widths to display formulas correctly. Use portrait orientation wherever possible.

Spreadsheet requirements:

1. For good spreadsheet design, it is very important that you have completely separate data and solution/report areas. A good spreadsheet solution format is to key in the question in a structure which allows the solution to be completely formula driven. There should be no data in the report/solution area.

2. Name the worksheet tag(s) at the bottom of the Excel screen with the question number. Use a separate worksheet for each question that needs to be completed in Excel. See examples in the ‘Spreadsheet Advice’ PDF in the ‘Resources’ folder on Interact.

3. Where appropriate, use the ‘IF function’ to provide built in checks of balances, net profit/net loss etc.

4. We have provided spreadsheet examples to guide you in the ‘Spreadsheet Advice’ PDF document in Interact. Also consider using the spreadsheet templates available with your text and other online spreadsheet advice, but note that the text templates do not comply with all of the assignment spreadsheet requirements above.

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